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A voyage to the island of Vis

A voyage to the island of Vis, a.k.a. Mamma Mia Island (area: 90 km²).

The producer of Mamma Mia was so charmed by the distinct beauty of this island that its sequel was also filmed there. This voyage covers 80 nautical miles and is therefore suited to even the laziest of seamen.


Trogir to Šolta (10 nm)

Before boarding, stock up on food, drink and equipment. Plan for breakfasts and most lunches aboard, and where possible dinners on the islands. Sailing out, your first stop will be 10 nm away at Rogač Harbour on the island of Šolta. You will most likely be exhausted and not want to do any cooking on your first night, so dock at the pier and have a meal at a restaurant. You can also stock up on supplies here.


Šolta to Vis (25 nm)

Pick a suitable cove according to the wind and spend a day on a beach. They are on the sandier side on the north-east coast of the island and on the rockier side elsewhere. A lot of the beaches on Vis are covered in round pebbles.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Vis (circling the island with another two visits), 30 nm

Familiarise yourself with the tourist attractions of the island and eat and swim in its bays and inlets. South-east of Vis is the island of Ravnik, where you will find the Green Cave. On the southern part of Vis is the famous Stiniva Beach. If approached from the sea, this beach is hidden behind a narrow outcrop. Located just to the south-west of Vis is the island of Biševo, where the Blue Cave and Sea Monk Cave can be found. Located on the western side of the same island are EsXa Beach, which is known for its excellent snorkelling, and Porat Beach. Located in the north-western part of Vis is Barjoska Beach, where the sequel to Mamma Mia was shot. Vis has a large number of artificial caves, created as shelters for submarines. One is located on the northern side of the island, near Rogačić Beach. Up north you can also take a hike to the so-called Ice Caves (Kraljičina špilja). If you want to explore old towns, go shopping or take your pick of restaurants, visit Vis township or Komiža.


Vis to Paklinski (10 nm)

There are countless coves on the Paklinski islands and its neighbours. Pick one and trek to the top of a hill on the western part of the island for views that open up across the archipelago. If interested, head to the eastern islands to enjoy some nightlife. Here you will also find calmer bays and inlets and a restaurant.


Paklinski to Brač (Golden Cape a.k.a Zlatni rat), 15 nm

This is Croatia's most famous white-sand beach. Sail to Lučice Bay (10 nm) for the night to grab a bite to eat and share your impressions. Reservations are required during peak season.

If you arrive early or do not wish to sunbathe on the beach for too long, you could plan a visit to Blaca Hermitage (Pustinja Blaca). Drop anchor around 5.3 nm east of the golden sands at Uvala Blaca cove and hike along the valley. Approximately two kilometres inland, as the crow flies, is a hermitage or monastery which is worth visiting. The trail is around 2.5 km long and rises 350 metres. Appropriate footwear is recommended.


Lučice Bay (Brač) to Trogir (20 nm)

Time to return the catamaran. If you missed anything, plan it for your next adventure, since there is plenty more to see in Croatia!

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